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Cleaning Products Increase Allegries

Using the wrong cleaning products can actually make allergy symptoms even worse.

It’s apparently a big problem. In a recent survey by the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, up to 62% of patients reported having allergy symptoms caused by household cleaning products


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We are an eco-friendly housekeeping company. We as housekeepers provide that extra touch that goes into the good presentation of a household. Without good housekeeping a clean room is only just a clean room. Not that a clean room is ever a bad thing; it is simply incomplete and in need of the finishing flourishes of a housekeeper with a fine hand and a keen eye for detail. We strive to meet your individual needs and encourage you to tell us exactly what you want. Please look over our list of services and call us today for a free in-home estimate.


Cleaning Chemicals Can Cause Harm To Your Health

The most common toxichousehold product, and one that has clearly been shown to be harmful to some people even when used as directed, is chlorine bleach and the various products made with it. Aside from bleach, a variety of cleaning products contain very toxic chemicals such as organic solvents. Foaming cleaners designed to remove spots from furniture and carpets are an example. Chemical carpet cleaners are another. If you have small children or pets, I would not use these chemicals, as children and pets roll all over the floor and put things into their mouths and could get more exposure than adults. Chemical oven cleaners are very irritating to the skin and lungs.


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